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Proud History

Originally known as  Gorton & Lidgerwood Co.,  founded in 1887,  manufactured hot water and steam boilers.

In 1932, JOSEPH GORTON and HENRY FEIL bought the company for $1 and removed the Lidgerwood name from the company. GLENN KLINEFELTER became president of the company in 1966, after starting as part of the sales force.  After his death in 1978, his wife, MARIE KLINEFELTER, became owner and president.  After Marie Klinefelter's retirement in 2001, her daughter, LINDA KLINEFELTER NELSON,  took over as Gorton's president.

"My grandfather, my dad and my mom set the standards for running this fine business,", Nelson said. "I am so proud of my family history, but uppermost in my mind is to continue producing the high quality products which have been established in the plumbing and heating industry during the last 127 years."

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